Giving Back

In Support of Accessibility & Inclusion

For every makeup application, a percentage of sales are applied to programs where tools and resources are needed for exceptional learners and individuals with disabilities.


Angel House Orphanage

Seoul, Korea

Angel House Orphanage is a government organization and growing residence to 60 individuals (ages 9-75) living with disabilities and special needs in Goyang-si, South Korea. It was formed in 1993 by a woman named SoonOk Jang whose mission is to provide shelter and an improved quality of life for the homeless living with disabilities. What first started as a local initiative for Koreans now includes the foreign community in Seoul, where multinational volunteers visit the facility monthly to support its residents. 

The organization benefits from charitable donations and volunteer efforts to keep its program running. Volunteers visit the facility twice a month and are responsible for cleaning, doing laundry, cooking meals, engaging in social activities and providing basic personal hygiene for the residents. Donations received by Angel House help fund staffing, living expenses and medical care. A percentage of Coloured Me Love sales supports the organization’s initiative and programming. For more information about Angel House, visit:

Filmed by Jong Gyu Moon
Produced by Zachary West

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