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BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller for Face + Eyes + Body

So, 2020 has been a fun year and will be an unforgettable one for the books. As of this week, many would have just recommenced their businesses or continue to work at home in North America. There have been months of high energy and I'd be lying if I wasn't one of those people dealing with the changing times of COVID-19.

I'm currently back in Toronto and thankfully, had the opportunity to teach online from home. I've also had more time to work on CML and have been trying some new beauty products to write about! One of them being Beauty Bio's Rose Quartz roller, which has been nothing but therapeutic during these times. Picking up a facial roller has been a thought for over a year because of its benefits, including encouraging blood circulation, assisting with lymphatic drainage, and firming the skin altogether. Have I already mentioned it's therapeutic? Those who experience muscle tension or migraines may find this tool extremely helpful to soften facial or body tightness and reverse fine lines. There were just so many rollers out there. Which one to choose? If you would like to learn more about using these tools, here are some articles that may help:

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After doing some research, it wasn't difficult to choose the pink beauty from BeautyBio; the tool has a rose gold finish frame with a handle comfortable to hold and use, but also, it is so pretty it could act as decor on your night table. The roller is made out of 100% Brazilian natural rose quartz, and it is suggested that the crystal has healing properties and energy to bring love of all kinds into your life. Yes, rose gold is quite an attractive colour (it's one of my favorites), but what intrigued me the most is when I learned that rose quartz is a more robust and non-porous crystal - think fewer bacteria build-up. It's also known to be tougher than jade, another common crystal used for rollers. It's super strong, less likely to break if dropped. I also like that two roller heads are included in the tool; there is one small attachment (crystal length 1.5 cm) for use on the eyes, and one larger attachment (crystal length 5 cm) for use on the face. If collecting natural crystals for spiritual purposes is your thing, it's another good reason to look into the product. It is an overall solid roller – not poor in quality and well constructed.

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The tool comes in a beautifully packaged box which includes little pictures to show where and how you can use your roller, e.g., across the front of your neck and chest, on your face and eyes, across your torso, and up and down your legs. I find it can be a great tool to use on your shoulders and behind your neck as well to relieve any muscle tightness. You can get creative and use the roller on your lower back muscles, chest muscles near your shoulders, and suboccipital muscles (located at the lower back of your cranium, above your neck). These are all areas that can be commonly triggered by poor posture or stress on the body. I am by no means a physiotherapist but being curious and having tried the tool on some of these areas, I did feel the soothing and relaxing benefits of rolling myself. Really, the possibilities are endless! When you are not using it, the roller can be stored in a cute white felt bag that also comes with the product and makes it easy to travel around with.

The tool is quite easy to use with the instructions it comes with and has helped with an overall firming look to the skin. It's great to use after a skincare regimen to help contour and press the ingredients into the skin. Personally, it's become a soothing nightly routine before sleep. I've also tried it with other women in my life, and all have shared the treatment could put them to bed; they did not want the rolling to stop (makes me chuckle every time)! It's also nice that it's easy to sanitize the tool by rinsing it under running water with soap for 20 seconds after use and sterilizing it with an antibacterial spray – don't forget to let it sit and dry. Again, rose quartz is not porous making it less likely to harbour bacteria.

If you are curious too, this face, eyes, and body roller can be found at for CAD 79. You can also find it at for CAD 80, and for USD 60.

The last therapeutic tip is to keep your roller in the fridge or a cool place as using it in cold temperature helps reduce inflammation further, but also really calm and soothe your face and body. It could even be used as a safe tool for a soothing sensory experience on anyone including children (think body exploration and sense of touch). There is weight to the tool (approximately 2 lb), so it is highly recommended that an adult is there to manage the treatment or activity. If you have any questions or comments about this post, please feel free to send an email to I would love to hear from you! That is all for today. Roll on everyone, and stay healthy!


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